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Marie Curie

Field(s): Physics and Chemistry

Country of Origin: Poland

Scientific Discovery or Impact: Helped discover the elements radium and polonium

Creator of Video: Kim Nguyen

Dr. Robert Bullard

Field(s):​ Sociology, Environmental Justice

Country of Origin:​ USA

Scientific Discovery or Impact:​ Pointed out the systemic racism which connected black communities and them being centered in highly polluted and high risk flood areas

Creator of Video: Carolyn Klein

Martha Chase

Field(s):​ Microbiology 

Country of Origin:​ USA

One Scientific Discovery:​ Helped conduct an experiment that lead to the understanding that DNA is what carries genetic material 

Creator of Video: Orion Bress

Dr. Nettie Stevens 

Field(s):​ Biology

Country of Origin:​ USA

Scientific Discovery or Impact: Discovered the sex chromosomes 

Creator of Video: Emily Gao

Ada Lovelace

Field:​ Mathematics 

Country of Origin:​ United Kingdom 

Scientific Discovery or Impact:​ Known as possibly the first computer programmer

Creator of Video: Emily Pistorova

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